Who is Kennel Sheltie 4 You?

We are a small family living in central Kolding, Denmark. Two adults and a child , as well as our beautiful shelties .

We have had shetland sheepdog ( sheltie ) since 2011. We have chosen to breed shelties so others can enjoy this beautiful and versatile family dog ​​, which is something very , very special. Hence the name : Sheltie4You , -en sheltie for you that will give you much pleasure for years to come .

We will strive to breed typical shelties who are physically fit and mentally strong , in this way giving our puppies in the best position for a long and healthy life in their new families.

This by only using mentally and physically healthy shelties in our breeding, who are approved for breeding,  and prioritize imprinting and socialization of our puppies very high. We follow the Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club's recommendations and restrictions in relation to breeding.

We have an important and necessary network with breeders in Denmark and Europe, who have extensive experience with the breed and breeding of this, to make sure that we can draw on the knowledge that is important in relation to breeding sheltie with high quality.

We want that our shelties get a life as a family pet and therefore we do not have more than 4 shelties, with show and breeding quality, in our home. Therefore, we might get the need for foster families.

If you / I want to know more about us and our breeding, we can be contacted by mail and telephone. We are also available for questions regarding the breed.

Best Wishes

Erik og Anja Stienenbos
Påfuglevej 6
6000 Kolding
mobil: 42761228 / 25510560

We leave a part of our soul in our dogs!